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Jenny Ibsen

Ceramicist, printmaker

Jenny is a relief printmaker, ceramicist, storyteller and restaurant worker based in Portland, Maine. 

Jenny's pieces illustrate nostalgic stories of food. Harvesting and nurturing, preserving and processing – her work often centers these slow and meticulous transformations. Kitchen scenes capture such moments, and the physical process of printmaking (and recently, ceramics and wreathing) mirrors it. Knives become tools of transformation, reimagining blank canvases, while visible hands suggest our own labor as crucial to the process.

Weaving these motions together, Jenny finds comfort in the repetitions of each step – carving and chopping, printing and cooking. The acts themselves are healing and regenerative, and finding content-ness in the process itself feels as important as the motions.

Right now, Jenny's ongoing projects include harvesting and collecting flowers throughout the year for winter wreathing, discovering her new love for ceramics, and cooking community meals for those around her.

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Jenny Ibsen
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