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Our print shop is equipped for the production of a broad range of print media including etching, relief, screen, monotype, and non-traditional photo/print processes. We encourage all approaches to print; the curious beginners, the interdisciplinary dabblers, and the meticulous editioners.

Contact Print Shop Manager Carter Shappy or Director Kate Anker for more info or a tour.


Etching & Relief
-24" x 48" Conrad Co. etching press
-36" x 60" C. Brand etching press
-Standing book press
-18" x 24" Copper etching tank
-Etching sink
-18" x 28" Conrad Co. hot plate
-Large glass inking tables
-Etching, carving and engraving tools
-Small and Medium size brayers
-Clean up supplies
-Miscellaneous inks, modifiers and grounds

-30" x 24" table top exposure unit

-72" x 52" Douthitt vacuum unit

-Olite AL-35 printing lamp

-Screen washout booth

-Power washer

-Emulsion fridge

-Screen drying rack

-(4) 36" x 24" clamp-hinge units

-REPREX proofing letterpress
-Assorted Hand type
-Furniture, gallery trays, brushes 
-Assorted dies and cuts, decorative plates
-Tympan paper & pins

Prep &Finish
-Mac computer
-8.5" x 11" laser printer and scanner
-Light table
-24" x 24" paper cutter
-26" wide C&P Co. guillotine
-22" x 30" paper soaking sink
-Drying racks
-Newsprint roll 

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Member Options

Associate Artist
Unlimited 24/7 access to all our print facilities including flat file storage, locker storage, discounted access to clay and wood facilities and the opportunity to participate in our annual studio events. 

1-year lease--------------------------$200/mo
>1-year lease------------------------$225/mo 

Resident Artist Add-on 
Renting a private studio with us? Resident artists can add on 24/7 clay and wood shop access at a significantly reduced monthly rate.
Year lease term ---------------------$45/mo
3-month lease term ----------------$60/mo
One month  --------------------------$75/one month


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