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Our woodshop is fully equipped and spacious enough to handle the needs of general carpentry tasks, fine furniture making, framing, and sculpture making. With a variety of safe and professional tools and an efficient dust collection system, members can properly and effectively do their work. Facilities can be accessed as an add-on membership to an existing private or associate membership or as a specific woodshop associate membership.

Contact Woodshop Manager Carter Shappy or Director Kate Anker for more information or a tour.


-Delta DJ-20 jointer

-Delta 13" planer

-10" contractor Stop Saw table saw

-Ait compressor w/ pin nailer

-Ryobi sliding 10" chop saw

-Powermatic standing drill press

-Delta 12" lathe

Jet 14" standing band saw

-Delta 16" scroll saw

-Laguna dust collector

-Various power tools

-Palm sanders


-power drills


-plate joiner

dovetail jig

-Various hand tools

-Downdraft table

-Jet air filter

-(3) large assembly tables

Media Center

-(2) MAC Computers

-Adobe Creative Cloud suite

-Epson scanner

- (2) 8.5x11" laser/inkjet printers

-Oversize light table

-lending library

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Member Options

Resident Artist
Already renting a private studio with us? Resident artists can add on 24/7 wood shop access at a significantly reduced monthly rate.


1-year lease------------------------$45/mo

3 consecutive months ----------$60/mo


Associate Artist
Unlimited 24/7 access to all woodshop facilities including tools storage, lumber, and work in progress storage, discounted access to clay and print facilities, and opportunity to participate in annual studio events. 


1-year lease------------------------$225/mo
> 1-year lease---------------------$250/mo


*Access to all woodshop equipment, for
all membership levels, is assessed on a case by case basis. Experience is necessary. Orientation required.

Additional training may also be required at artists' expense to gain or regain access.

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