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Armstrong Pottery


Emily Armstrong grew up on Long Island, New York. She attended Mount Sinai High School. Since then she has attended the Maine College of Art where her love for ceramics and drawing have grown stronger. In 2015 she received her Bachelors in Ceramics. Emily Armstrong is currently working as a resident artist at Running With Scissors in Portland Maine.

I strongly believe that functional items should be beautiful. My pottery explores traditional forms by throwing on the wheel and incorporates different surface techniques. The user's experience is enhanced by designing patterns, graphic imagery, and color through painting and sgraffito. The colors and patterns I use create an inviting surface that allow the viewer to explore the tactility of my work. The inspiration of my surfaces stem from organic designs such as plant life, landscapes and flowers. I enjoy altering and abstracting plant-like structures into silhouettes and asymmetrical designs. My aim is for the viewer to experience a deeply rooted connection that invokes a need to own and use my work. Armstrong Pottery is created for those to acclimate it into their lives, and enjoy the moments and experiences that come with it. These intimate objects intertwine themselves into the stories of everyday people. Emotion, beauty, and functionality are the driving forces behind my personal practice.

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Armstrong Pottery
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