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Amy Wilton

Photographer, sculptor

Amy Wilton is an American commercial/editorial photographer and multimedia artist who resides in Maine, USA. 

Best known for her powerful photographic portraits that appear to engage the sitter in a creative conversation.  Amy's commercial and editorial work has been featured on billboards as far away as South Africa and as close to home as books for Down East.  Her fine art work is broad in its use of various media, from oil on board to found object sculptures and installations.  

"I like to present my work, whether commercial or fine art, in a way that the viewer feels invited in for a cocktail and a look around." 

Amy has most recently been featured at Cove Street Arts in Portland, ME and shown at Fotonostrum in Barcelona for the Barcelona Biennial.  She holds a BFA in Photography from The George Washington University and MFA in Photography from Maine Media College.  


All fine art photography is available for sale in limited additions.  Sculptures and mixed media work are also available for acquisition.  Contact for specific pricing.


@amywiltonart @amywiltonphoto

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Amy Wilton
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