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Amy Kustra


Amy Kustra

Artist, Physician, Mother, Naturalist

Amy’s work reflects on the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of wild

spaces. She draws inspiration from long sunrise walks, the changing seasons, global

arts and culture and her travels throughout the world.

Amy’s process is informed by the belief that art is a gift of the soul and an unfolding of

the true self.

She is largely self-taught, taking up drawing at an early age and traveling as a teen

throughout Europe and Asia to study art. The painters she has studied with include Liz

Prescott, Judy Taylor, Patsea Cobb, Diane Dahlke, Colin Page and Timothy Wilson.

She also has taken courses at the New York Academy of Art.

Amy has received degrees in environmental studies and anthropology as well as a

degree in medicine. Prior to pursuing art full time she worked as a family doctor with a

special interest in integrative wellness and community health.

“My work comes from my heart and seeks to offer healing and hope. It is a vehicle to

see strength and beauty in others, to appreciate the infinite wisdom of the earth, to work

for justice and to promote love.”

Instagram: amy_kustra

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Amy Kustra
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