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Rachael Murphy

Summer 2023 EMERGE AIR; Print

Rachael Murphy
Summer 2022 AIR; print
Massachusetts College of Art and Design & University of Maine Orono '22. 

BA in Art Education, minor in Art History, and a BFA in Studio Art with concentrations in printmaking and painting. 

Murphy primarily works in large-scale woodcut prints but enjoys exploring other media when an opportunity or inspiration presents itself.

Murphy aspires to establish a broader understanding of the art world through multiple degrees of study and professional opportunities. She has four years of experience researching and framing artwork through a seasonal position with Liros Gallery, in Blue Hill, Maine. The artist also worked as a curatorial intern with the Zillman Art Museum during her undergraduate studies. She is also actively assisting with an ongoing, large-scale collection management project for active artist Harold Garde. These experiences exposed Murphy to a diverse group of artists, past and active, who use both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media.

Murphy’s artwork oscillates between realistic imagery and abstraction. The artist brings intricate beauty to subjects that appear ordinary or mundane. Her artwork is a vehicle for processing personal interactions with the world, simultaneously layered with broader issues and themes. She is currently focusing on a series of large-scale woodcut prints that address environmental issues and wildlife conservation in Maine ecosystems. 

The artist recently exhibited in the University of Maine’s Annual Student Exhibition where her woodcuts received multiple awards including Best in Show. Her prints were also featured in the 2022 issue of Spire: Maine Journal of Conservation and Sustainability.

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