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Rebecca Volynsky

Painter, muralist

Rebecca Volynsky is an artist and muralist residing in Portland, Maine.

From small paintings on canvas to large scale murals, Rebecca Volynsky’s artwork is a mixed media approach to abstract painting.

She explores themes of personal growth, mental health, and resilience through gestural and emotive compositions. These are a balance of organic shapes, lines, and thick textures using paint, graphite, gel medium, and more.

While they show careful restraint, the compositions also contain a heightened energy. Going beyond traditional painting, Rebecca sporadically incorporates various printmaking, collage, and embroidery techniques throughout her mixed media works.

Her process as a whole involves staying present in the moment and allowing the artwork to evolve and grow over time. Rebecca has found that this is reflective of her own experiences with practicing mindfulness and intends for it to leave a positive impression on the viewer.

Over the last five years, Rebecca has completed various commissioned murals as her small business, RVOL Creative, LLC., for commercial and residential clients throughout the New England area. Selected artwork has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Brown University and RISD Hillel Gallery (Providence, RI), Grin Gallery (Providence, RI), Machines with Magnets (Pawtucket, RI), Nave Gallery (Somerville, MA), Thomas Young Gallery (Boston, MA), and more.

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Rebecca Volynsky
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