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Rachel Herzer

Ceramicist, painter

Rachel Herzer is a ceramicist, painter, and musician living and working in Portland, Maine.

A childhood spent in the forests and fields of Michigan, filled with creativity, drawing and music, informs the dual passions of her life: teaching and making. 

Rachel spends her mornings either at the easel or in the ceramic studio, throwing and pinching both stoneware and porcelain, making tableware and planters, and her afternoons as a teacher, committed to passing on the life-enriching experiences of childhood artistic pursuits. 

A graduate of both the School of Music and the Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University, Rachel holds a BA in Music and a BFA in Painting. After falling in love with clay during her last few semesters of art school, Rachel has spent her post-graduate years continuing to pursue her passion for clay. Her work has been supported by grants and residencies such as the Kalamazoo Artist Development Initiative Grant, the Arts Fund Award for Individual Artist, the Vermont Studio Center and the Gold Museum in Jinguashi, Taiwan and has been exhibited in Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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Rachel Herzer
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