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Marguerite Lawler


When on location, Marguerite Lawler likes to observe, to gather information, to organize, and to develop the foundations of her paintings through small studies in oil and gouache. Her subjects are the wooded and watery environments of Maine; her focus is the effect of light on the landscape.

What most interests Lawler as a painter is the studying of the high contrast of shadows and the forms they create. She is not looking to paint the panoramic or infuse romantic sensibilities; rather, she looks to capture the austerity of the moment.

In the studio, Lawler’s studies are translated into large oil paintings on panel. She relies on these studies, her visual memory, and her intuition to create representational pieces. Lawler’s visual experiences become the springboard for exploration and discovery, which evolves over time.

Notable Maine Arts, 2020 Annual Guide, ArtMaine

Where you can find my work:

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Marguerite Lawler
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