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Lee Chisholm


Art is good for the soul. Mine. Yours. Everyone’s.

When I was a kid, I loved to fish. I’d pick up my fishing rod, hike to the pond, step softly, with reverent anticipation, up to the water’s edge, then cast out a lure.

The beauty of my surroundings was almost all the reason I needed for going to the pond. Almost.  But, ah! when something quick and bright and strong living below the surface struck my lure--THAT was magic!

My studio practice reminds me of those late afternoon hikes to the pond. I still fish—but now with a stick of charcoal and a watercolor brush, hoping, as then, to catch the attention of something that lives just below the surface. And certainly I manage to catch enough these days, as then, to make it personally rewarding. But there’s this difference: the more I catch, the more fish come to live in my pond.

It’s quite wonderful, really. 

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Lee Chisholm
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