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Adrian DeLucca


What I do (my years at Barron’s):

For 14 years, ending March 2018, I was the photo editor/director at Barron’s Magazine where I collaborated with a global network of photographers, photo agencies, writers, and PR. Assigning and researching, negotiating contracts and fees, and conceptualizing ideas to produce content for print, web and digital platforms and, at times, video.

In addition, I oversaw all photo needs for Barron’s quarterly glossy magazine Penta, a luxury investment and lifestyle publication. Started in 2009, Penta covered a variety of subjects, from fashion to philanthropy. Comprised of diverse subject matter in addition to the portraiture we are known for.

A highlight of the publishing calendar was the annual Barron’s Roundtable. An all day affair in January, with 10 titans of finance. It started with an intense 2 hour photo shoot. Planning for this began in November, my ideas, sketches and direction produced 4 covers and pull out sections.

One of my strengths has been to assemble a stable of photographers, along with identifying new talent, whose work and professionalism I can rely on. They understand the aesthetic and quality Barron’s demanded.

I am proud to have established a new, contemporary, vibrant, consistent look to both magazines.

I was originally hired at Barron’s as assistant photo editor in 2004. In 2006 I was promoted to photo editor. Since 2015 I had been the magazine’s Photo Director.

How’d I get here (or before Barron’s):

I studied photography at School of Visual Arts, from which I earned a BFA. I spent about ten years freelancing as a photographer and fine artist, honing my skills, my eye and my sensibility. During those years I had several gallery shows, was represented at the Biennial in Turin and worked with a variety of editorial clients including Newsweek, Time, Entertainment Weekly and other publications.

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Adrian DeLucca
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