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Rachael Murphy

Rachael is one of the first artists to participate in the EMERGE program. She is a printmaker and was nominated and invited to apply. She has a BA in Art Education with a minor in Art History and a BFA in Studio Art with a cross disciplinary concentration in printmaking and painting. The greatest challenge Rachael is experiencing as a recent graduate is not having deadlines. She feels that some of her best work was created under the pressure of an assignment. Artist block has also been a surprise for Rachael. Being in an academic environment pushed her to come up with new ideas, even in the moments when her creativity wasn’t flowing. Now she is focused on learning to slow down and be more intentional with what she creates. She works at a local frame shop and the art that comes through inspires new ideas and techniques to try. Artmaking has always been a way for Rachael to process the world around her. Interactions with the natural environments of Maine, whether they are emotional or physical responses, are a source of inspiration for Rachael. Her work has a meditative rhythm that she creates through pattern. She doesn’t draw the patterns ahead of time and lets them guide her through a conversation. Her intention is to capture the beauty of Maine's landscapes while also addressing the environmental issues that threaten these places. Rachael reflects on why she is creating while she creates and sees these conversations come through in the work.

Her goal coming into the EMERGE program was to continue creating prints after graduation. She’s in the process of redefining her artistic practice and access to a printmaking shop is a very important part of that. In this way the program has met her expectations. When the residency ends she plans to continue making woodcut prints on a smaller scale and is looking into pursuing a graduate degree in printmaking. She is constantly entering exhibitions and hopes to someday break through into museums. Two of Rachael’s prints were recently accepted in a juried exhibition for the Yarmouth Art Festival, which took place the third week in October. Her work is also on view at Casco Bay Frames in Portland. Contact Rachael via email at


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