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February 2023

Feb 1, 2023

Every day is different in the studio. It changes with every person who walks through the doors with the intention to create, to try out an idea, work out a theory, improve upon a mark, cut, color, or texture. The studio is not static but in motion, changing and evolving. It is what makes working in community so powerful. We affect each other. We spark an idea, share a new tool, listen to a neighbor's heartbreak or exciting new discovery. We are witness to each other, the art that is created daily, the creation process. This is the work; the showing up, the trying when all seems to go wrong, the tiny moments that shift and take us to the next moment. The outcomes, the stops along the way, are the images, products and tangibles, but the process is the thing. We are all a part of it and intertwined, even if only for a moment. This is what we seek, the process, the balance and the people to be a part of it. This is art, alive.

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