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Rebecca Boraz

Printmaker & mixed media

About Rebecca Boraz

Rebecca Boraz is printmaker and mixed media artist based in Portland, Oregon. She works predominantly in intaglio printmaking, but has also explored ephemeral mediums, including performance art and zines. Rebecca Boraz was trained at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston where she received her BFA, and she has also spent a year studying printmaking in Florence, Italy. Rebecca Boraz has Master’s degree in art therapy from New York University and completed a residency at Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in 2014.

Artist Statement

In my work I utilize cubism to abstract perception. Born with a visual impairment where I often see double, I try to bring this visualization into my imagery and then work toward having a cohesive composition. Utilizing a figurative narrative approach, I explore nostalgia for the future- the moments we dream of eventually experiencing- as well as nostalgia for the past and the emotional states that accompany it, including ambivalence. I purposely use forms and layer imagery so that the viewer can have a Rorschachian experience with how they uniquely see and connect to my art. Common themes throughout my art include feminism, human carnal comparisons to animals, and interpersonal relationships. I am particularly inspired by Freudian psychology, specifically, the genre of object relations and psychodynamic theory.

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Rebecca Boraz
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