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Mel Andrel

Designer, Illustrator

Name: Mel Andrel

Title: Designer, Illustrator




Mel Andrel is a graphic designer, mixed-media artist and multi-faceted creative. Their practice is primarily made up of visual art, but they work with a variety of socially conscious, fun brands to create impactful content, graphics, and art direction. For more information or a glimpse into their work, check out their projects page. 

Mel received their BA in Anthropology in 2016 from Drew University. They have explored art through a variety of mediums such oil painting, drawing, ceramics and even architectural programs. Before settling in Portland, Maine, they participated in the vibrant art culture of cities like London, UK,  Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and Brooklyn, NY. They have collaborated with a number of businesses including Collective Arts Brewing, Feel Good Portland, Maine Nature Conservancy, Portland Yoga Project, LB Kitchen, Belleflower Brewing and more.

Mel’s work is informed by their identity as a queer artist, flora & fauna, nature/ecology, patterns and color interaction, travel and every day experiences. 

You can purchase Mel’s art locally from Soleil, Topo Gallery, and Nahcotta, as well as other shops around the globe. Seasonally, Mel offers a selection of prints, paper goods, and wearables through their online shop/in person pop-ups.

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Mel Andrel
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