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Kincaid Pearson

Textile, sculptor


Kincaid Pearson grew up in the rural New Hampshire town of Henniker. He received his BFA at Maine College of Art in 2019 with a focus in Textile and Fashion Design. Surrounded by nature and little desire for interactions with technology from a young age, this experience guided his artistic philosophy of vibrant creativity--bright colors and organic shapes each perceived differently by individual people.

A multi-disciplined artist, Pearson incorporates his textile skills into sculpture, painting, and furniture/home decor design. Bright colors, organic shapes, line work and vast texture combinations are the primary focus of his work

Pearson was one of the recipients of the Belvedere Fund in 2020. He has also created two separate collections showcased for the 2017 and 2018 Mecamorphosis fashion show held at the ICA at MECA in Portland. Curatorial projects include the 2017 VRAGE experience at the ICA at MECA in Portland, Maine.

Artist Statement

I create objects both functional and nonfunctional that encompass an essence of imagination and creativity through organic shapes and color along with incorporating specific technical design elements. Using forms that are ambiguous helps me convey my ideas because it allows each viewer the possibility to see something slightly different. Giving the viewer a chance to be imaginative and curious like a kid exploring through a forest.

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Kincaid Pearson
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