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Keanne Petrie

Ceramicist, mixed media


Born in Mechanic Falls, Maine, Keanne holds a BFA in sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has been creating sculptures and showing work since 2002 alongside her commercial work where she makes others peoples’ visions a reality.

Artist StatementTo me there is a fine balance to life, and always a sense of teetering on the brink of serenity and chaos. There is always a struggle to find the perfect footing between one world and the other, and so it is with my work. Intimate and mysterious, my sculptures are reflections on vulnerability, imperfection, hope, and strength. They speak to being an artist and also to the many complexities of existence and being human.

Business StatementFemale owned and independently operated since 2020, Keap Ceramics creates contemporary and timeless objects that can be passed down from generation to generation. By combining creative freedom with carefully sourced and sustainable materials, Keanne Petrie is proud to be a part of the long history of skilled makers who bring intimacy and care to their craftsmanship. Her interest in flowing lines and movement, coupled with her love of minimal 60's design comes together as something truly unique. From one of a kind production runs to sculptures with enduring materials, she strives to respect the natural world she feels so close to at home in Maine.

Keanne also works as a freelance sculptor making work for window fronts and displays around the USA and CanadaFor work related inquiries or prices of sculpture, contact Keanne at

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Keanne Petrie
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