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Erin Sternfels


Erin Sternfels is a print artist originally from Southern Vermont. They moved to Maine in the Fall of 2022 from Western Massachusetts where they attended Hampshire College for a printmaking and photography-based study. Following their study, they worked a year at a photogravure studio where they learned the process of becoming a master printer and printing multiple editions of prints. Erin has been making print and photography work since high school. They enjoy the time that goes into creating a single work of art and working with their hands. They love the crossovers of processes and seek out new ways to merge printmaking and photography using different materials. Erin enjoys learning and experimenting with new processes and materials to sometimes make prints feel more like an object than a piece of paper. They first began their work by trying to capture a perceived beauty but transitioned to make work they feel has more personal connection and intentionality behind it. They now work experimenting with a combination of abstraction line work with characters and familiar objects- things that can be seen as beautiful but connected to abstracted ideas focusing on themes of connection, family, and loss.

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Erin Sternfels
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