Our wood shop is fully equipped and spacious enough to handle the needs of general carpentry tasks, fine furniture making, framing and sculpture making. With a variety of safe and professional grade tools and an efficient dust collection system, members can properly and effectively get their work done. Schedule a tour with our wood shop manager. 

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-Delta DJ-20 jointer
-Delta 13" planer
-10" contractor stop saw
-Air compressor with pin nailer
-Ryobi sliding 10" chop saw
-Delta 1" lathe
-Powermatic drill press
-Jet 14" band saw
-Various power tools:
-Palm sanders
-Power drill
-Plate joiner
-Dovetail jig
-Various hand tools
-Down draft table
-Dust collection system
-(3) Large assembly table
Media Center
-2 Mac computers
-Adobe Creative Cloud suite
-Epson scanner
-8.5" x 11" laser/ inkjet printer
-44" HP Designjet z2100
-Light table 


Resident Artist: Add-on 

Renting a private studio with us? Resident artists can add on 24/7 wood shop access at a significantly reduced monthly rate. 

lease term -----------------$25/mo

Associate Artist

Unlimited 24/7 access to all our wood shop facilities including cabinet and material storage, discounted access to print and clay facilities, and the opportunity to participate in our annual studio events. 

1 year lease---------$200/mo

>1 year lease $225/mo

(3 month minimum)

Day Passes

**Due to COVID we have suspended this service**

Scheduled & limited daily access to our wood shop facilities and equipment for experienced woodworkers. 

Required Day Pass Intro--$100

(1st day)

Solo Day Pass---------$50/day


Assisted Day Pass____$150/day


*Access to all wood shop for all membership levels is assessed on a case by case basis. Experience is necessary. Additional training may be required. 



Saw stop table saw
Saw stop table saw

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Drill Press
Drill Press

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Miscellaneous Bits
Miscellaneous Bits

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Saw stop table saw
Saw stop table saw

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