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"In a city like Portland that prides itself on having a vibrant cultural scene, Running With Scissors enables artists to actually BE artists AND remain in the city. . . . I'm thankful for all they do for our community!"

Ayumi Horie, internationally renowned ceramic artist

Artist Studios
& Community


facilitie& equipment

With over 16,000 sq ft, Running With Scissors Studios has over 50 private workspaces of various sizes, features, rates, and amenities, as well as 20+ associates in wood, print, digital media, and clay departments, plus common workspace, various equipment for printmaking, ceramics, computer, and design work, and woodworking.

artistic community

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Running With Scissors Studios is a diverse artist studios thriving in the industrial and eclectic East Bayside neighborhood of Portland, ME.  A dedicated work space, it serves over 75 artists working in various mediums who share equipment,  ideas, tools, and support. Bringing together resources and community, our studios help artists reach their independent creative goals. RWS is the home of the the RWS print, clay and wood shops which are dedicated to elevating the work in those mediums practiced by experienced to experimental artists. 


RWS artists are diverse in their mediums, artistic goals, backgrounds, ages and experiences. The rich mix creates a culture of sharing, support and cross pollination of ideas and work. RWS artists often work in several mediums and are supported by the access to a wide variety of equipment, tools and information. Open studios occur three times a year in May, October and December and for other special events but artists can be contacted directly any time for a studio visit or you can contact RWS director or staff for a general tour of the space.

urban workspaces

Located in the East Bayside, Portland, a richly diverse and eclectic community, RWS neighbors include brewers, bakeries, coffee roasters, alternative art venues, private studios, athletic centers, industrial enterprises, and Maines most diverse ethnic & social-economic residential community.  RWS is dedicated to thriving in a rapidly changing urban community. 

Mural by Tessa O'Brien

clay center

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Housed within Running With Scissors, the Clay Center at RWS was created in 2013 at 250 Anderson Street with the leadership of Meg Walsh and Christine Caswell at the helm. The RWS Clay is committed to providing affordable space and ceramic equipment to serious clay artists as well as fostering emerging artists. Through open-air studios, communal workspaces, and annual public-facing events RWS fosters a resilient, professional and supportive clay community.